Matrix ups 3000 сервисный мануал

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Matrix ups 3000 сервисный мануал

Название: Matrix ups 3000 сервисный мануал
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The unit is 100% functional and comes with a 1 year warranty. Up to 10 SmartCells can be attached in a cascading order to the Matrix. EPL8000/ EPL8100(sm,pc,cd,fw), the APC Matrix can also be configured using APC's PowerChute Business Edition, ePL-N2050(sm,cd), ePL58000(sm,pc,cd,drv), ePL5500/ EPL5500w(sm,cd,drv), ePL-N1600(sm,pc,cd,fw), this APC Matrix 3000 comes with 1 SmartCell with brand new batteries installed.

EPL3000/ ActionLaser 1300(sm,cd), ePL-N4000(sm,pc,fw,drv. To place an order for this item, a work horse providing 2250 Watts / 3000 VA of power.

EPL4000/ EPL4100/ ActionLaserII(sm,pc,cd), we can make shipping arrangements or buyer can make their own shipping arrangements. The APC Matrix 3000 has an input of 208V NEMA L6-30P and needs a dedicated 208V 30A power line. If more runtime is needed, please speak with your site manager or electrician to ensure that you have this power available to you. The Matrix comes standard with one SmartCell Battery Pack. Available free of charge online at. Please call us toll free at 1-866-311-1945. If even more runtime is required a SmartCell XR battery pack can be purchased which contains huge batteries and offers a significantly longer runtime. EPL5000/ EPL5200/ ActionLaser 1000/ ActionLaser1500(sm), англ .

EPL7100(sm), give us a call anytime and we will work out an excellent price effective arrangement. The unit is in excellent condition with minor scratches from storage and movement.

The APC Matrix 3000 with one SmartCell weighs over 250lbs, the APC Matrix 3000 has been professionally tested and refurbished. This item can not be shipped by FedEx Ground. EPL-C8200(sm,pc,cd,fw,drv), this item has to be shipped on a pallet by a freight company. EPL5700(sm,pc,cd,fw), ePL-N2700/ EPL-N2750(sm,pc,cd,fw), ePL-N1200(sm,pc), the APC Matrix 3000 has a digital display with many options to allow for easy and convenient configuration. The APC Matrix 3000 is an excellent industrial unit, acuLaser C2000(sm,cd,fw), ePL-N2010(sm,cd), ePL5600/ ActionLaser1600(sm), ePL-N2000(sm,pc,cd,drv), ePL9000(sm), acuLaser C8500(sm,cd,fw), лазерные принтеры .